Tuesday, July 14, 2009

santa fe - colorado

Well i just need to start by saying that Santa Fe is a little left of center. Kind of amazing and kind of WEIRD. So we switched hotels to somewhere a little more near downtown so we could get properly knackered for the evening. We seemed to be a big hit in this town. We started off by having prickly pear margies on the rooftop of this one joint. After 3 deep we decided to move on to dinner at The Shed.

Our waiter, Frankie, told us he'd meet us at the Matador, the only dive bar in town, in about an hour so we decided to make a brief stop at the Cowgirl for some karaoke. (first a brief prayer to the virgin of guadalupe for safe travles) Apparently this town is very small because a girl bombarded us as we entered with "aren't you supposed to meet frankie at the matador?" Yes thanks, glad you're aware of this. Karaoke was an hour wait so while we chose a song anyways, we stole a mini cholula and a memorabilia Cowgirl cup. I think this is what brought on the rest of our night. lies and stealing = no good news.

That would be Ernest you're seeing there. He was hitting up The Cure. So then we moved onto the Matador, a swanky dive bar that plays disco. I don't think they see girls too much in here cuz we were bombarded the whole night. We found some other road trippers straight off the Yale business tour. They bought us ginormous mini coke bottle sized shots of Wild Turkey. Frankie never showed up but Chris did, a fun loving dude selling crystals wearing jnco jeans. On our journey home we were visited by the ghost of one arm willy, not once but TWICE. Picture this, a 35yo long haired man in a jumpsuit and hat with a DIY cast on his arm. The second time he came out of the shadows, asked us for money, took a swig of vodka, and then told us we were pretty. Thankfully the cab came right then.

Oh what a hangover. Stopped by Aztec for some coffee and food. We were greeted by a wolf for breakfast. Santa Fe really is the land of enchantment. Then we got our thrift on again. Finding some hot things here. Clogs were not bought but lil man was. My outfit was bought and worn out of the store. Notice the 'mary-kate and ashley' visor i found. Now we are en route to Colorado Springs to pick up our 4th member, Susan, susie q, keyboard player extraordinaire. Thanks to modern day technology i can do this blog post in the car. Isn't the 21st century wonderful?

p.s. jesus rules


Amanda said...

looks like a most epic time. wish i was on the road with ya'll!!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

they don't call it fanta-se for nothing...but peas in the green chile is especially special..6 years there+i never encountered such a sight.
anyhoo-amazing. y'all look great!
see you on the right side

+p.s. car blogging...terribly+wonderfully 2009.