Sunday, July 19, 2009


Alright so this post may be a big one...there was a lot that went on in Kansas City so just stay with me. We started off our Saturday by going to the Swap n Shop which was a smorgasbord of vendors. Super hick and super awesome. Found some great finds. Mine include a burger timer and geese measuring cups. Elizabeth looks dandy in her modern vs. retro traveler outfit. Kat found the best calendar ever (circa 1940 btw). The kickboxing dummy was a sweet find however when i took the photo some asshole selling potatoes out of his truck informed me that he had something i could photograph and grabbed his nutsack while his wife/sister laughed with her 3 toothed mouth. It felt right.

Got hungry so we headed over to Grinders for some lunch. Drank a $2 mimosa and waited 45 minutes for our philly cheese steak which happened to be insanely good. No cholula tho so we had to grab our stash from our van...thankfully we have a stash. We were really intrigued by the table behind us and decided to attempt a photo of them. I think they figured out our plan. We made friends tho and talked to the bunch. They are from Alabama and in a southern metal band called Marylene and the Sons of Disaster who apparently play Irving Plaza. Question mark? I was particularly fond of their outfits...mullets, metallica tshirt, athletic shorts, and driving moccasins. Also note the concert lineup for this spot (it has a stage in the back of the lot). We questioned staying a bit longer to see RATT and Extreme play. More than words.

Then we scooted over to Re-Runs, a huge warehouse of goodies from every era. Dude who owned it had quite a collection of old dead lady's closets. Sounds macabre. But whatever. I got a bevy of items and it was only $60!! Too busy trying clothes on to take photos so sorry for no pics. But the 60s were alive that day and are now going to be added to my own small no closet apartment.

Next stop....18th street for some Peggy Noland action. What a hoot this place was. Very I heart. LOVE the stuffed animals everywhere. New band photo taken. 3/4 of us purchased our outfits. I love that KC has a special treat with this place. Just when you thought KC needed a little pizazz you step into your wildest kid fantasy. comes the surprise of the day. Mom, Dad, I love you, prepare yourself. I got a new tattoo. So did Elizabeth and Susan. Their first, my second. It felt so right and I knew I wanted one on my other arm. Plus, this trip is the beginning of a new journey hence the arrow and a star (AEROSTARRRR...get it). And I wasn't about to get kevin tatted on myself. I guess I should expect a call from mimi and tiger now. Elizabeth got a lightning bolt which she's been wanting (white lightning) and Susan got the start to her gemini constellation. All great picks i think. Thanks to Mikey and The Mercy Seat for the amazing work!!!

Before we headed home to change we stopped off to interview Miss Peggy (Noland) and boy was she a ball of energy. She's about to go to Berlin to do an installation and I salute her. She'll definitely have a lot of fun and do well there. Here's a taste...

And now the finale of our day!! Sonic Youth!!! I Heart Kim. For reals. She is rad and she plays bass and she is my hero. Check out these sweet pics of them at the Uptown last night.

Lastly we hit up a few bars. Chez Charlie, which looks like could be a rad spot to hit up in general but last night was kinda slow, and then Buzzard Beach which i'll never go back to again. Gotta say...wasn't into the scene there. It was a long day, we packed it up and went home. Long drive today to Memphis. GRACELAND HERE WE COME!!!

p.s. how rad do our tats look? sorry again parents, but i love it. i think i'm done now.

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