Monday, July 20, 2009


On our way from KC - Memphis we stopped in St. Louis for some lunch. Kat found us the most awesome soul food spot called Sweetie Pies that used to be owned by one of Ike's exes and I believe church just got let out right before we got there. It was hot as hell in there but Louis found us a good table. Right next to the fan. Damn that fried chicken was good. We also got a US map and stuck it to our ceiling. Somehow we found these flag pins that were perfect! Another addition to good ol kevy kev.

Made it to Memphis and got to Georgia's place. My good friend Cat Hartwell hooked us up with her long time friends. Brandon joined us and scared Georgia's bro up in his house. One room became our hub and we kinda fell in love with the ambiance. Georgia and Betsy took us to to Huey's for dinner. Damn the burgers were good there. There was a blues band playing while we ate and guess what, we made a new friend. Tiny dancer up there. He had a liking for Kat and gave her a lil note. Apparently the love story is supposed to be sweet. Then we took a gander above us and found toothpicks stuck to the roof so we were determined to get one up there. Got it!

Then Georgia took us, in her amazing, over to Ernestene's & Hazel for another drink. But before that we stopped by the Lorraine Hotel to see where MLK was shot. And right on cue we heard 3 gun shots and decided it was time to move on. E&H was this amazing old brothel that i guess was in operation through the 80s! Nutty. Plus we were the only ones in there so we had the run of the place and Kenan told us ghost stories and whipped us up some soul burgers. Tasted just like McDonald's. But better. Check out the photos i took of the place. Maybe we can see a ghost! We ran into a girl walking home before we left who was carrying a switchblade. Nice work Memphis.

To point out how awesome Georgia is, i'll show you. We packed the 5 of us in her lil convertible while she brought a roadie with her. Which we passed around while listening to "It's too late to apologize" at highest volume. When Georgia was through with her beer she threw it out the best way she knew how...OUT THE CAR. Love her. Lastly we went to the Bucaneer bar aka the pirate bar for a last drink. This was a great spot for locals. But alas, we were tired so we called it a night.

The next day Kat and Elizabeth had some work to do so Susan and I hit up Graceland. The original plan for this was to buy my good friend Gordon Hull $300 worth of Elvis Presley Reese's Peanut Butter cups but they were no longer there! Got some good photos of the place tho. I loved the jumpsuits but my camera battery ran out. Oops!! Haunted camera. I did manage to snap this shot of Dubs tho. Who knew Elvis could have an opinion from the grave. And can we just take a moment to recognize how beautiful this man was? Jesus.

Next stop, Stax Records. Wow! That's all i can say. This place rules. I was inspired and amazed. I wasn't supposed to take photos, but guess what I did. Now you can see too. I want to record in there and play on their organ. How amazing is that Isaac Hayes car! "no female can resist". And look at that...we're back to Ike. What a charmer huh?

We finally got our last meal in Memphis at Corky's after a long journey of confusion but it was more than delicious. Those rolls were out of control. Man I think i've gained like 10 pounds on this trip but it's worth it. Ate the meal out in Georgia's backyard with a beer. Aaaahhhhh!! Tasty. Georgia, you rule, much harder than that awful movie. I am embarrassed to make that reference. On to Nashville!!!!!

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