Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i'm miss world

totally forgot the most important part. bro-in-law realized i looked like chick from miss world. gotta remember that for halloween next year. hole!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

teen mystery


we brought down the Teen Mystery game 'Panic at the Prom' to play while having dinner one night and seeing as everyone had a special character description, we decided it would be fun to go to the local coachella valley thrift store and find some costumes for everyone. I OF COURSE LOVE THIS IDEA. we found some pretty sweet duds but some didn't make it home (like the turquoise chiffon/sequin number we were going to make my mom wear). a few extra things found their way into my bag. such as some ferragamo pumps, a crazy sweater w/ black+pink mohair, and a leopard print bomber (see below). but we found a little something for everyone. this included my dad playing Aidan, the goth, which required him to wear black eyeliner. what a trooper.

so prior to xmas, as my mom was picking out the more "appropriate" mystery dinner party game, she figured the TEEN SABOTEUR version would be better than the MURDER version for my 10 and 8 year old nephews. how wrong could we be. turns out my mom, the principal of the high school, had a love child back in high school (which just so happens to be Aidan) and she pulled the fire alarm because she wanted to ruin everyone's fun cuz she didn't get a prom of her own. great writing. my character, Nina Bendixen, was the prom queen that everyone was jealous of that secretly went to camp slim-n-trim back in the day. (we picked these names prior to knowing what the characters were fyi). there was also the token nerd, jealous girl, misunderstood chick+dude, and prom king/football jock.

anyways, we all had a lot of fun with it and i think it will be a new Bradshaw family tradition!! here are some photos:

thrift store finds:

Saturday, December 26, 2009

trees and flowers part II

ahhhhhhh christmas. i love christmas because i can escape the cold for a bit and travel back home to killa cali. first stop, san fran where my sister lives. she took me to muir woods where it was cold and misty. made for some pretty pictures. next up the long drive to LA which is marked by a half way stop of In-n-Out double meat animal style burgers. yummm.

LA includes mostly fam time where we spent xmas eve at my aunt's house and xmas day at my folks. it's an all day drink fest starting with bloody mary's, moving through vodka tonics, on through to wine at dinner. dinner includes homemade lasagne, something we've been making for xmas since before i was born. it's delicious.

now it's palm springs time. too bad it's not HOT like coachella time. but still a sweet mini vacay with my parents, sisters, and nephews. more rock band! next up....murder myster dinner party!!!!

all the ladies

got to pick some jewels from my late nana.
these were my choices. good style nana!

xmas present time. booties!!!!

arielle de pinto braclet!!

new scent

two of my favorite movies.
don't mock aunti mame til you've seen it.

blakey singing to rock band

sunny cali xmas day

crostinis. my cooking contribution.

this is my parents bar selection. they love costco.
we love alcohol.

family rock band style

Monday, December 21, 2009

trees and flowers

new viva playlist up today! this one's kind of all over the place. some new and some old. but a FINE MIX i say. it also has one of my band's newly done tracks, sink or swim. feels weird putting it in there but why not spread the word. i also want to point out the last song by Strawberry Switchblade. found a bevy of awesome polka dot pics of them. thought i'd throw in for some flashback. a little boy george fashion action going on but hey they were CHICKS and they were having fun. nothing wrong with chicks doing their thing. here is the playlist and some inspirational photos.

The Emperor Machine - The TV Extra Band
Open Ocean - Sink or Swim
Nite Jewel - Weak For Me
The xx - Infinity
The Folk Implosion - Serge
John Carpenter - Seasons
Findlay Brown - Teardrops Lost in the Rain
Kurt Vile - Unknown
Real Estate - Suburban Beverage
Shocking Pinks - Second Hand Girl
The Aislers Set - California
Department of Eagles - Family Romance
My Bloody Valentine - Strawberry Wine
Strawberry Switchblade - Trees and Flowers

Thursday, December 17, 2009

moma date

yesterday i decided to have a date with new york and go to the MOMA. it was a perfect day. so inspirational. and there's something about going by yourself that makes it even better. go at your own pace, just you and the art. the bauhaus exhibit drew me in but there were many other things there to be appreciated. especially since they wouldn't let me take pics inside the bauhaus exhibit (damn them!) now i just want to make collages. next craft night perhaps?

here are some images that inspired me, maybe they will inspire you as well: