Wednesday, July 22, 2009


On our way to Nashville we stopped to do a chinese fire drill and found a nice "massage parlor" on the road. Sketchy? I think yes. We also stopped for gas later and I was pleased to see a section with Big Buck Hunters inside the station. I was tempted but moved on.

We checked into our hotel for the night, an old train station, and managed to find ourselves in our own version of The Shining. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. Luckily Gretchen behind the bar entertained us for the evening. Telling us stories of how she got to be in Nashville, New York in the 80s, her boobs at 40, and her greek/british chef in Florida. Gretchen was also our psychic reader for the night and told me I had a strong Cameron Diaz vibe. She knew Susie Q was a gemini and told Elizabeth she cried inside, ha? Then she took us down into the basement/kitchen area which didn't help with the shining vibe. More ghost stories as well.

Then we went around the corner for a drink at the Flying Saucer. Our valet, Jeff (a Macauley Culkin look-a-like), was supposed to meet us there but I think seeing as Gretchen held us up for 2 hours, we stood HIM up. Qbert was thoroughly saddened. Had a Spaten beer and had great conversations. It was our last evening with our Kat, very sad she has to leave us in the wee hours of the morning. She will be missed. KAT WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

In the morning we hit up Hatch Show prints for some true Nashville experiences. Saw Nashvegas on Broadway and moved on to thrifting times. Hit up a Salvy and found some sweet Jordache jeans. I'm gonna make these suckers work. Got some great finds at Hip Zippers including an old bathing suit/jumper. Went to Karen Elson's shop Venus and Mars and found a hat for the evening. It may become my new look. While driving down Charlotte Pike I made the girls go into a store with the signage "Cool Stuff Weird Things" can you not go into a store named that? AND WHAT DID MY EYES SEE??? The most amazing velvet painting evrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. A unicorn in space!!! I had been wanting a velvet painting and the thrift gods shined upon me yesterday. Damn it's good. Now I just need a new apartment with more walls to hang it.

One of my besties, Justin Montag, got me the hook up in Nashville. His friend Ryan's wife Mary is the publicist for some hot young country act and got us backstage passes to the Opry for the night!!! Couldn't be a better Nashville welcome for us. We got to sit on a church pew onstage and watch the night's events. Highlight.....Charlie Daniels band. What a fiddle eh? Got a pic with him and then ravaged the dressing rooms and took numerous mirror photos. Now it's drinking time.

Ryan and Mary took us to the Milk and Honey bar in Nasvhille. You can take the girl out of Manhattan but you can't take the Manhattan out of the girl. Had some delicious drinks including some whiskey drink with Absinthe and bitters...yummm. Then we downgraded to the Red Door bar. Whoa. I think we looked a bit out of place here but damn the vibes. Got some whiskey/apple shot by some dude who had the hiccups. Also saw some country celebrity, Jamey Johnson, and we were told not to pull his beard. We were also told that he was a racist and that he'd probably beat us up if we asked the wrong questions and so would his lady posse. This one we'll let go. Right before we left I also go propositioned for sex by a young lad. I liked his direct approach but sorry buddy. He had guts tho, he asked twice. Ahhhhh, what a way to make a girl feel special by asking her to BONE. Later it's on to Louisville.

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