Saturday, July 18, 2009

omaha - KC

After a dreamy sleep in a comfy bed we call Kevy-Kev, not the van, and tell him we're picking him up for breakyfast. He seemed more excited than i would be after 5 hours of sleep. But i think we intrigued him. Who are these crazy girls and why are they driving across the country. Vision quest we told him. We had a 227 combination at Village Inn which was deeeelicious. I like a little sweet and savory in one plate. Then we drove back to Hotel Frank/Blood Bath and took a few pics. Kevin took a pic of Kevin + gang and then Kevin took our band photo.

Then we went to the secret thrift spot Hesse told us about...New Life. Which ended up being Beverly's secret spot that she wouldn't tell us about and had cleaned out the day before. We still managed to find some good finds including this floral on floral number. I also really enjoyed seeing Don Knotts in there. Gotta love Mr. Limpet.

On our drive out Kat made us get off the highway for something we weren't sure about but once we arrived at the destination we knew she had stumbled upon something fantastic. STONER DRUG! I mean what little cutie this place is in the middle of Iowa, on top of the fact that the name is amazing. They sell shirts in there but we got a cute pill box from the lady behind the counter. We also got a grilled cheese sammy and soda pop. Drove into KC and went straight to Oklahoma Joes, the tastiest little bbq spot on earth. We got there in time tho cuz the line was out the door when we left. Also inside a gas station. Amazing.

I just want to pay tribute to Kevin for a minute. Check out these fun photos from the Sheraton Suites in KC. A. That back seat is pretty sweet. It's like a living room right in your car. B. Can we have anymore shit in our car? When we pull up to hotels we're unloading a month's worth of clothes now.

We were all kinda pooped after our last few days so we decided to hang out at the hotel this evening. Kinda wish we could be seeing KC and kinda excited to just hang out and chill. We started going through our thrift purchases and admiring how AWESOME they were and created a few outfits. We decided to hit the ice cream parlor and take a walk. Kat and I had matching tops on and yes, we actually walked around in these. I felt like a chola britney spears. I think people were confused. Murray's was delightful. On our walk back we stopped by to say hi to some firemen. They seemed very bored and happy to see us. We took a few photos with them. Right when we left them, the second after we said bye, the alarm went off and we got to see our boys (Joe, Paul, and Dustin) climb into their clothes and drive off into the night to save some asshole. One would think this would be the end of the night but's when it gets weird. And here's where i have to wonder who is the master of puppets in this vacation? Who is making this the weirdest trip i've ever had? So we are in the elevator, stops at the wrong floor, i get out on accident. What do i see? A big black dude in a doo rag hiding behind the curtain staring out like a lost puppy. WTF. He comes into the elevator with us and we get to see his full ensemble. Black cut off top, some mesh happening, a huuuuuge package, chains hanging off his doo rag, and a laundry bag with a CD inside of it. HOLY SHIT. Work was starting for this lovely stripper. He did not seem excited and definitely didn't want anyone, most importantly a dude, see him. But thankfully it was us and we rolled with it. But seriously.....WHAT THE FUCK. I laughed so hard i knocked Kat's ice cream spoon out of the cup and splooged all over myself. Comes full circle.

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Lizmatic said...

Hey Jill! It's Liz from Bodega. I have always wanted to drive cross country so I'm totally loving and living vicariously through your blog right now. This is great!! Keep up all the posts and thrifting... I love that flower on flower jump suit thing!