Tuesday, August 24, 2010

birthday went something like this...

so yeah i had a birthday last week. it was kinda nuts? i told you it would be. we came back from Wassaic music festival and played another show at Union Pool that day with Psychobuildings, Jailbait, Mike Bones, and a secret band.....!!! not only am i that excited but that's the band! !!! played! (chk chk chk to the rest of ya'll). i mean....how can you not be stoked for that. best bday ever. oh and a giant strawberry rolled by on the BQE? truly a special day.

from wassaic to union pool..

oh yeah and my friends made tshirts cuz they rule harder than any other. tshirt, burger, and a shot....best present ever?

then we moved to the palace, the best kept secret in greenpoint. just happens to be a metal bar w/ pretty rad brothers running the bar who like to dole out free shots. not to mention the beer is $1.50. shit, i shouldn't even be telling you this. don't go there.

excuse me i'm all fucked up

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

euro journey

my camera recently broke so i wasn't able to upload all my favorite photos from my most recent european vacation. i started off in london with my best chick jaime from TEST then headed over to san sebastian to meet phil from StreetPeeper for some sun and pintxos.

then it was family time in paris, nice, florence, and venice with all 8 of us: mimi, tiger, kiki, tracy, bill, nephews grant + blake...and me. it was amazing and exhausting.

here are a few of my photos throughout my 3 week journey