Friday, February 26, 2010

behind the scenes

so i haven't said too much about it but i'm starting a zine. should be ready in a few months. lot of stuff in the works! gonna be pretty pretty pretty sweet. now you know why i've been researching a lot of vintage magazines. kinda the feel i'm going for. super DIY.

anyways, we had a photo shoot the other day and i felt like showing some of the behind the scenes shots. madame louise behind the lens, madame kat w/ her stylish fingers. the lovely erika as our 60s muse.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


last saturday my band Open Ocean recorded a song with Doug Lee + Lovefingers aka The Stallions. was pretty rad to have something produced. especially by old friends who also happen to know what the fuck they're doing. excited to hear the final cut. for now we have pics to put you in the mood.

Monday, February 22, 2010

zounds of the darkside

every once in a while i like to throw in some metal/hardcore/punk in my playlists and here's one of them. i go crazy if i listen to the same type of music all the time. don't you?

starting off with a little rock psychedlia Top Drawer brings it with Song of a Sinner. followed by a little Swervedriver which i haven't listened to in a while and almost forgot how much i loved this track. ahhhhhh nostalgia. then we got some Pelican Dead Between the Walls which is a solid metal track if i do say so.

later we get into some awesome late 70s bands such as Wipers, Swell Maps, and Zounds. definitely worth checking into more of their songs. RVNG had an awesome 10" that came out a little while back featuring Twitch's edits of Zounds - War + a few others including Flux of Pink Indians which i also love.

Adam and the Ants! first love according to my mother. i loooooooved adam ant. who can argue with mom? he was hot. listen, just go on viva radio and check out the playlist. you won't be disappointed.

Top Drawer - Song of a Sinner
Swervedriver - Last Train to Satansville
Pelican - Dead Between the Walls
The Melvins - Hooch
Pink Fairies - Do It
The Wipers - So Young
Swell Maps - New York
Zounds - War/Subvert
Alternative TV - Lost In a Room
Adam and the Ants - Physical (You're So)
The Bitters - Warrior
The Entrance Band - Lookout!
Sonic Youth - Kotton Krown

Friday, February 19, 2010

new york fashion week update

did everyone survive new york fashion week?? i know i did. you know how i did? i didn't go to one thing. maybe i'm just jaded and old at this point, but the shows don't really excite me anymore. plus this weather was a DRAG. best to look at the shows like any good lazy person. ONLINE. so here is my recap of NYFW-FALL 2010...

Lot of amazing collections plus a few bombers. i gotta say i wasn't into Alexander Wang...AT ALL. i wasn't into most of the collection last season but there were a few pieces i dug. this season, i don't know what he was thinking. i also wasn't into United Bamboo and i've always been a follower/lover. just found it a bit boring this season. any collections i'm not posting here i either a. didn't like or b. it wasn't on (where all these lovely photos are from)

ok now onto what i DID like....i'm already noting what i want to find in thrift stores. i need to work on another x-country road trip. loved loved loved all the *velvet* i saw, like in Erin Fetherston. also was into the layering/knits from Rodarte + Thakoon. the 20s took over for Karen Walker, Vena Cava, Peter Jensen + Rachel Comey and i love it! glamour, small hats, boy cut pants, more more more please. exotic prints were also big with Alexandre Herchovitch, Proenza Schouler, and Suno. lastly, didn't love Derek Lam's clothes but damn the shoes! so good! (and i won't even mention all the FUR)

i could go on and on but i'll let the pics speak for themselves...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

viva la 70s

my obsession with vintage magazines continues and now i have been turned onto VIVA MAGAZINE. i was researching for an upcoming photoshoot for my new zine (details to be revealed) and my friend gave me a pile of these mags to look at. they are amazing!!!

who knew there was a mag in the 70s that had RAD photos of nudes + fashion spreads with great photographers that were classy and beautiful. truly truly inspired. too many mags go for the shock value of tits+ass and never just keep it classy. what happened to art?

here are a few spreads that got me (ahem) excited...

zandra rhodes shoot

a few nude spreads

disco motos

sexy sepia

*you must excuse the quality as my scanner wasn't working right. however i kinda like the photo image anyways.

Monday, February 15, 2010

vday was a sweet day

yesterday was in two parts...

part 1
miss saibella came over and we made bread! holla! (no really, challah). first time making bread and it was so easy! and quite delicious i have to say. had some with scrambled eggs this morning, soon i will try some french toast. yummmm.

part 2
miss monica hosted chinese new year dinner at her pad and she made enough food to feed a small army. it was quite good tho. she also made us listen to her chinese new year ipod mix TWICE. year of the tiger! after dinner we burned fake money on the street w/ the gong. happy new year everyone!!!