Friday, May 28, 2010


it's about time for a food entry i think. a few things have inspired me lately and i feel the need to share.

1. for anyone who lives off the graham stop, have you had a sandwich from the Graham ave meat & deli? you know...the one near daddy's? a friend had recommended it to me and oddly it was the last spot in the area i had tried for a hoagie. and it was DA BOMB. not to mention dude (possibly willie? as i got the willie's special) is pretty killer himself. anyways....check out the photo then go get yourself a sammy.

2. CARNITAS. i decided to put together some sort of pulled pork tacos for the Lost finale last week and i put a few recipes together to create the ultimate carnitas recipe. it was so easy and FUCKING DELICIOUS. figured i might as well divulge my secrets so you too can enjoy.

- buy yourself a nice chunk of pork shoulder
- cut the pork into little 2 inch chunks and put in a bowl
- marinate the pork overnight in the juice of one orange, large slices of orange rind, a small onion cut 8 ways + a bay leaf, some thyme, salt and pepper

- next day, make yourself a rub in the food processor that consists of the ingredients from this recipe off bon appetit: carnitas. i didn't use the achiote and felt it was fine without it. i also took out the orange juice factor in this recipe cuz of the marination.
- add pork + rub to a cooking pan
- cook for 3.5 hours covered with foil in the oven at 300 degrees

- BOOYA! damn good carnitas tacos. i also made a tomatillo sauce and pickled onions to add in with fresh tortillas and crema. extra addition......PINEAPPLE.

there now go out and EAT SOME FOOD!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

everybody heart's berrin

so one of my best friends Berrin had a little birthday getaway weekend up at our friend jon's place. and it was a little piece of amazing. good friends, good times, and a lot of alcohol.

**food, drinks, dancing, midnight walks to the lake, grass lounging, cooking, balloons, flower headpieces, 3 cakes, bb guns, fire pit sparklers, youtube, music room jam out, booze, booze, booze**

berrin....happy 30th. I LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daydreaming + more

In Open Ocean news....

We have a new track produced by the Stallions! aka Lovefingers and Doug Lee, two of my favorite disco heads. and they did an amazing job. check out our myspace to take a listen.

also...if you're around this weekend come to Union Pool for INTERNATIONAL (fe)MALES w/ j penry and i saturday night. or if anything for a late night sweeper mack on.


Friday, May 14, 2010

last minute playlist

May has been a little nuts.....not sure if you feel the same. at least mercury has gone direct now. i feel good vibes for the rest of the month.


anyways, onto the viva playlist for this week. i kinda put it together last minute so it's a little random for me.

My band, Open Ocean, just finished recording a new song. My good friends Lovefingers and Doug Lee produced it and it's pretty RAD. i'm so happy with it. you'll find that stuck in between a little Horace Andy and Galaxie 500. also duly noted is the Creepers version of Baby's On Fire. a sold cover in my opinion. close to the original.

ok next up we've got a song from Ariel Pink's new album Before Today. I swear every song on this album reminds me of a different band or song. Little Wig reminds me of Bowie. which is never a bad thing. i like the album a lot. you should check it out.

i first heard of Disappears when my friends drove to chicago to check them out. finally got their album and i'm pretty into it. they're playing Union Pool on June 19th and i'm stoked to check them out. Alongside them i smashed in some Sebadoh (always a personal favorite) and Descendants (fuck yeah!) Ahhhhh stoked for a good punk show.

Light Asylum has been getting a bunch of hype lately. I really love their live set. it's really powerful. Shannon....damn girl. you can sing. i've been blown away since !!! days. welcome back industrial. Tones on Tail and Silver Apples!! booya. can never go wrong. lastly a new track by my homies Holy Ghost!. so stoked to see these guys finally perform after all these years. they feel like my lil bros all grown up. first shows with LCD soundsystem? not so bad.

Horace Andy - Skylarking
Open Ocean - Daydreaming
Galaxie 500 - Submission
The Kinks - Lola
The Creepers - Baby's On Fire
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Little Wig
Sebadoh - Worst Thing
Disappears - Gone Completely
Descendents - Hope
Tubeway Army - Something's In The House
Satisfact - 50mg Once Daily
Silver Apples - Misty Mountain
Tones on Tail - Performance
Light Asylum - A Certain Person
Holy Ghost! - Say My Name

Monday, May 10, 2010

phoenicia is a mystery

so we drove up to Phoenicia saturday in search of some good tchotchkes...and just to get out of town for a day. there was this mystery spot that we wanted to check out.

but first we got some pancakes from sweet sue's. and boy were they delicious! we tried the 'blue monkey'. it made a delicious dessert later as well.

then on to the thrifting. lots of good finds at this place. slightly over-priced but definitely worth checking out. plus they had petey the piranha and a cookie instead of veronica lake's ashes!!

but that wasn't all. we managed to continue to find utter weirdness everywhere we went. if you search real hard you can find shops that carry both these dandy collections. and a sweet poster as well.

thanks phoenicia/woodstock/saugerties!!!