Thursday, July 23, 2009


We started out our day with great spirit and hunger for the drive up to Louisville....or was it our stomachs requesting Waffle House? We pulled over and ate. I couldn't help myself and ordered everything on the menu since it was all $2. I got a waffle, cheese eggs, grits, and smothered and covered hashbrowns. Sooooooo goooood. Picked a few tunes out at the jukebox including Waffle House Hashbrowns (I love you) and Iron Man. Then we were on our way on the rainy drive up the 65. When......

I noticed the engine heat was on H and it was only 66 degrees outside. I got a little concerned. We pulled over to the Walmart and had Don check things out. He cooled it down with a hose and then taught us what to do if it got hot again. As he was unscrewing the knob........GEYSER! Hot dirty engine water spraying everywhere. Don recommended us to go visit his friends up the road who could look at the car for us. Here's where the "Who's on First?" part of the day came about. Don: "You'll look out for a white house garage" Elizabeth: "What's the name of it?" Don: "It's just white house garage" Elizabeth: "But what's it called?" Little did we know that we were in the TOWN of White House Tennessee. Alas, we found the spot. James and Shane, an interesting working pair, were there to come to the rescue! Apparently our radiator had blown out and they were having another one "hot shotted" up for us. Unfortunately, after a more detailed look at our car......shit was screwed. KEVIN IS DEAD. Plan B?? We spent hours at this little jammer trying to figure out what to do while James just sat laughing at us. But the road trip must prevail!!! We found a mid-size SUV to rent that'll keep us on our journey/vision quest. We got our sweet hookup rate at the Hutton Hotel again for $50 (hotel es swanky) and our good buddy ol pal Ryan said he'd come to pick us up. BACK TO NASHVILLE FOLKS!! We weren't done with it yet I guess. Shane dropped us off back at the Walmart in his pimped out mustang and we were lonely vagabonds. Definitely got a whole lot o stares up in this piece. But Ryan came with his white horse of a Land Rover and swooped us up. Things are starting to look up.

After a complimentary cocktail and some Thai food down the street we were feeling a bit better. Rydawg picked us up again and we picked up some wine. Hung out at his sweet apartment and Earl, his crazy-eyed puppy and then headed out for the bright lights of Broadway....Nashvegas style. Went into some spot called Robert's and had a few drinks and mozzarella sticks. WHAT A DAY DUDE! We were pooped. We called it quits and went home to sleep in and watch tv. Today we pick up our new car, never to amount to the greatness of Kevin, and continue up the road. On to the next stop!

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