Thursday, October 29, 2009

all the leaves are brown

i thought i would hate fall this year just because i wasn't ready for it to be cold already and then potentially go straight into harsh winter. but i gotta say i'm really enjoying this weather. i'm hoping it sticks around for a while. took a few photos that make fall that much more appealing.

and here's a pic that makes me realize brooklyn comes way harder on the halloween tip than the city. just one more reason i am happy i said adios to my old apartment.

p.s. someone calls this home

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

flat blake

so my 8 year old nephew, blake, is doing a class project where he sends a flat drawing of himself to a few people and they take him around and "show him the town". i really wanted to roll with this but figured i had to keep it semi-demure. but of course threw in a few fun ones just cuz. figured i'd show some of the debaucherous things flat blake got into over the last week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

cm-GAY playlist

here's a new playlist for the week. i based it mainly on CMJ but threw in a few other goodies as well. you can hear it up now on viva radio. so glad cmj is over.

woods - rain on
girls - hellhole ratrace
the amazing - deportation day
kurt vile - amplifier
atlas sound - maybe logic
CANT - ghosts
summer camp - ghost train
vivian girls - second date
phoenix - fences (soft pack remix)
the xx - crystalised
neon indian - deadbeat summer
washed out - olivia
memory tapes - stop talking
cold cave - life magazine

Saturday, October 24, 2009

cmj madness

i'm not a huge fan of cmj in general because everyone and their mother is usually trying to see the same 5 bands during the week and it just makes the whole experience less than exciting. however i did my best and managed to see a few things in decent environments.

first up was broadcast with atlas sound. broadcast was less than stellar giving a noise/experimental performance rather than playing songs. it wasn't bad, just wasn't what people expected. ok it was kinda boring. atlas sound was great tho. last time i saw him it was just him and a drum machine so this was a treat to see him with a full band. for everyone who stayed to watch them, they got a good show. bradford was killing it with banter and even gave a solo encore performance with the lights on where we got to see a little of his creative process. i enjoyed it.

from there on i didn't take any photos. sorry but nothing was really that exciting that it required photos. but here's a recap on what i saw and liked. the xx. REALLY AMAZING. i jumped on the iTunes bandwagon and saw them at the apple store. seeing as every other show was sold out this was a great venue to see them at. sounded amazing and got a great view. highly recommend checking them out if you can. saw cold cave last night at matador showcase. they were good but so much was going on i had to move around. caught the acrylics at terrible records showcase, but has to miss blood orange who i heard was pretty good. missed neon indian which i was sad about. next time.

tonight i dj in between bands at coco66. my best fiend and bear in heaven are playing. wanting to check both of them out again so this works out for me. swing through for some jams and good times if you're in the hood. me and j montag will be holding it down.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

open ocean first performance

so my band, Open Ocean, had its first performance last Saturday, Oct 17th at Papabubble. we played in the basement at their 2nd anniversary/cash honey benefit. we played to around 60-70 people. it was awesome. but so nerve-wracking!!! overall super happy with it tho. here are a few videos for you to check out.

oh and we're on myspace and facebook now. cept we have nothing on it yet. but in case you want to follow are the links:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

cmj kickoff

and so it has begun. cmj mania. first show on roster was Washed Out w/ Restless People at Santos last night. Anyone who reads my blog knows i've been obsessed with the Washed Out album(s) so that was a no brainer. however i figured it would just be him and a computer singing. guess what i was correct. he started out playing some shit live w/ another dude and singing but it was slow and not what the people wanted. then he broke it down and got into it. however it was just that, him singing along to the mp3. still a good album.

restless people was good too. same people as tanlines, etc. it was their first show of many this week. sounded tight, good energy. dancey and tribal. and they use the funkmaster flex horn in a song. great choice guys.

anyways, here's a photo. + an added bonus of the tie dye empire state building. dead heads unite.

cmj agenda this week includes: broadcast, neon indian, cold cave, my best fiend, bear in heaven, and who knows what else i squeeze in.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

monkey business

last night was pretty sweet! i was excited to get my dance on and they were providing some JAMS. thanks boys!! keep it up. next location...look out bushwick.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

long lost photos

so a looooooooong way back, well not that long...Sept. 3rd, max wowch had a bday party at Legion where i dj'd with vito. i took some photos, i drank some beer, i played some tunes. towards the end of the night i realized my camera was nowhere to be found. i was a sad girl. but luckily i got a call from vito the next morning and said my camera found its way into his dj bag!!! so happy. but the G9 didn't come back into my possession until a few days ago. so i thought i'd share old summer memories with ya'll.

now i'm not exactly sure how my camera got into vito's bag. i'm just gonne throw this out there......look at that guilty face.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NOM is back!


it's been a few months....we've missed you. i think you've missed us a little too. well we're back folks. No Ordinary Monkey is back for some chinatown mall action. 88 Palace went under some construction and who knows what is install for Friday. Lobsters? yes. Escalators? yes. Fog machines? yes. Low lights where you can't see anyone?? yes.

Friday, October 16th
88 Palace
88 East Broadway
$5 members+guests, $10 everyone else

Monday, October 12, 2009

viva radio mon 10.12

new viva mix up!! as you can tell i do them about once every two weeks. gotta spread out the goods. and yes, i liked the washed out album. liked it so much i put two songs on this playlist. yup.

1. Timelords - Who Is Dr. Who
2. JJ - Ecstacy
3. The Field - A Pay In My Face
4. Washed Out - You'll See It
5. Boards of Canada - The Beach at Redpoint
6. A Mountain of One - In Our Lifetime
7. Washed Out - Lately
8. The Sea and Cake - Afternoon Speaker
9. CAN - Spoon
10. Crispy Ambulance - Are You Ready?
11. Spiritualized - Come Together
12. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anenome
13. Spacemen 3 - Walkin With Jesus
14. The Walkmen - Another One Goes By

*again, if you want to hear go to viva radio and click on contributors. that's where you'll see moi, jill bradshaw, and my show j'aime musique where you can pick playlists to listen to.

baby's first photo shoot

so i've been told that the steps for starting a band is:

#1: make a tshirt
#2: sell a song to a commercial
#3: play your first show

well we didn't follow those rules however we did do our first photo shoot!!! and we haven't played a show. kinda weird. but when our good friend sara dunn asked us to do a shoot for the japanese magazine FA we were down. here are a few shots of us getting prepped and snapped.

also, our first show is Nov. 6th at Bruar Falls with Holy Hail. more info to come. eeks! gettin real folks!!! oh and the band name is OPEN OCEAN. watch for a myspace soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

photo party

Nick aka Rick aka Richolas Nicols had a mini photo party a few weeks ago and here are some of those pics. we had some fun with hats, lampshades, and plants. cast of characters includes me, dutchie, and joe.

Monday, October 5, 2009

milan fashion week

so milan is a tough one. it's not so much that you can wear these clothes as it is inspiring. i found it hard to pick just 3 per designer so i picked 6 looks and narrowed down the playing field of designers. so many things i'm obsessed with. i went through each one to describe what they all bring to the table.


Missoni was probably my favorite of the bunch. The layering is insane! and the colors....arhghghghg. love. subtle yet defining. i'm also obsessed with the 20s long necklaces. superb.


Another big fave was Marni. no big guess there. if i heart carried uber designers, these would have been one of them. love how it's styled especially. head scarves and sunnies. mixing patterns and colors like it's no big whoop. so much texture and volume without being overwhelming. A+


wasn't expecting this one but i really liked dolce + gabbana. There are a few things that have been secret obsessions lately that were in this show. one is hole-y sweaters. here done a little more upscale then my thrift store finds but still. i've also been big on big floral patterns and animal prints..but done right. so bored of regular animal prints. add color! always add color ;)


Fendi....another great mixture of volume and texture. it's very vintage modern. if that makes any sense. very classic yet fun. i'm in looooove with the floor length number. and more see-through items!! i know what i'm looking for this season. why wait for spring.


emilio pucci had these amazing pants i found myself gravitating towards. i'm already searching for the perfect tapered pant as we speak. i threw in a few colorful dresses for good measure. plus the shoes ain't bad either.


easy livin with bottega veneta. love things that look super comfy like that jumpsuit. plus i love onesies. throw in a dash of color and you've got yourself an outfit. bustier plus capris anyone? yes please.


jil sander is known for her minimalist style. feels slightly more fall vibe to me (coat is rad btw) but hey i'm down with whatever. again longer skirts keep popping up. but i can't deny me a shorty either like this first one. i'm a sucker for legs. plus belts belts belts. cinch that waist in!


last but not least there's prada that had some good moments. red lips are always killer. the scenic jackets and shorts are also pretty amazing. the fabric she's using on the onesie pieces looks slightly scaley and awesome. lastly that crystal dress number is pretty sweet. kinda mod and kinda digging it...but maybe it's cuz you can SEE THROUGH IT. catching on yet?