Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NOM is back at 88 Palace this Friday!

This Friday No Ordinary Monkey is making an appearance in your local mall!!! that is if you're local mall is in Chinatown. Thomas Bullock (Rub n Tug, Welcome Stranger) will be spreading the wealth of dance tunes alongside the regular NOM guys so come through!!


88 Palace
88 East Broadway
$10/$5 members

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tit for tat

is it just me or does this.....

kinda sound like this.....

gotta love marianne no? she is kinda the tits.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

it's all good

a few of my friends come down to the desert with me every year as i'm lucky enough to have a family house right by the Coachella fields. This year i didn't even make it to the festival! and i was kind of ok with that.

our adventure started in LA when Carlos + Karyna came in early and i took them on a "see LA in one day" excursion. We went to the Getty, we drove by the beach, ate at Apple Pan, and did a star tours (i kid). but it was quite a nice day.

down in the desert we did only a few things. eat, swim, drink, sleep. i think that's about it. we attempted to go the Anthem party but left after 15 minutes. are we dicks? no i don't think so. it was just boiling over with douchiness. sorry language.

carlos was also obsessed with wearing all white the whole weekend. it's quite a good look i must say. karyna and aisa also attempted it but i did not. bad friend i am.

next up....ADVENTURE DAY AT THE INTEGRATRON!! this was kind of the highlight of the trip i gotta say. thank you jess rotter for tipping me off to this wonderful spot. i don't even know how to describe this place to you so i'm just going to have you read up on it on the INTEGRATRON site. if it was near me, i'd be going every week. can't wait for the sleepover next year. joanne you ruled!!

all i can say is....perfect sound in dome, quartz bowls tuned to your chakra, 30 min sound bath.

then we were told of the giant rock that's behind the integratron that you can get to off a dirt road. we said, yeah sure. even tho we had no idea where we were going. but we found it. apparently so did a pickup truck that said 'HILLBILLY' on the front that did donuts in the sand and then drove off. no joke. but seriously, this thing was amazing. it was ginormous.

and that's the end of our story. it was sad to say goodbye. fond memories as always. til next year. PEACE!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

slow and steady

sorry for the delay in posts. was held captive by palm springs for a bit. which was awesome btw. pics to come.

for now, i bring you my new playlist on VIVA. i slowed it down this week and put in a few new favs + a few old favs.

for the moment, sub pop seems to be killing it right now with some of my favorite bands. there are 3 bands of theirs on this mix. Dum Dum Girls, Beach House and Happy Birthday. I just got the Happy Birthday album a few weeks ago and i've been listening to it non-stop. i think i may need to press pause for a minute. but check it out, cuz it's pretty rad.

other newbies are Morning Benders and The Radio Dept. really into both these bands. got to see morning benders play a few months ago and they were really great. i'm interested to hear older radio dept. songs as they've been around for a bit, just new on my scene. sweden man! good shit coming from there.

Death in June....need to listen to more and you should too. some of their stuff i'm not into at all but some is really amazing. industrial and dreamy. the OMD track is pretty rad too. i keep going back to architecture+morality as being my favorite album of theirs. it's so good.

a few old favs include The Sundays, Bjork, The Smiths, and Beck. i used to listen to the sundays on cassette over and over and over again when i was younger. it was my all time favorite album. still is one of my favorites. beautiful and classic. takes me back to a happy place.

and onto the playlist...

Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La
Frankie Rose - Thee Only One
The Morning Benders - Excuses
The Radio Dept. - David
Bjork - Come To Me
Yo La Tengo - Nowhere Near
Beach House - Apple Orchard
Death in June - To Drown a Rose
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Of All The Things We've Made
Happy Birthday - I Want to Stay (I Run Away)
The Black Ryder - All That We See
The Sundays - My Finest Hour
The Smiths - I Know It's Over
Beck - Broken Drum

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

favorite new website

pure genius right here. who else would make an entire blog about one photo other than MAX WOWCH.

ok so it all started when our pal kevy kev fell asleep at a party and someone (i believe it was noah) took this photo...

then it started a trend of photoshopping kevin out of the picture and into many other dubious scenes. here are a few of my favorites...

now you can do it too!! you can download the photoshopped kevin and put him in multiple fun situations. it's fun for the whole family!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

art in motion

went to the moma yesterday and most everything was 'no photo allowed' but i did manage to find this beaut. visually gorgeous.

Monday, April 5, 2010

philly philly

i went to philly and all i took were these three photos...

making time still kills it. parties harder than new york. dum dum girls were rad. girls were boring. dave p is a warrior. thank you philly for your after parties, cheesesteaks, scrapple, vintage, parks, pals, and cum trees.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

pandahs rule!!

so retard radshaw over here forgot to bring her camera to the LCD Soundsystem video shoot on Sunday for his new single Drunk Girls directed by Spike Jonze. but i got a few pics from friends. i will hopefully have more to put up in a bit. but just to let you know.....IT'S AWESOME. can't wait to see how all us pandas fucked Murph, Pat, and Nancy up.

expect....confetti, fire extinguishers, champagne, drag, trash, graffiti, eggs, and all around debauchery.