Friday, July 17, 2009


Wednesday night we decided to stay in Lincoln for the evening cuz Elizabeth's friend Beverly happened to be in town. Got to stay in a parent's house! Kinda nice after a long journey. She took us to the super saver where all your dreams come true. Also, v-day surprisingly still exists in July here.

Woke up early and drove to Omaha for a day-o-thrifting. Got some really sweet gems here in this town. Kat recently got engaged so we had her try on a wedding dress at every destination. I also found these records. Gotta love record covers.

Stopped in for a drink at this local jammer. We liked their signs. Picked up this beauty of a shirt for Kevin. It's a scenic drive wherever you are. Had a few other journeys through thrift stores on 24th street (winner of a street) and stopped at the Dundee Dell for the best reuben sandwich i've ever had, plus a fried pickle. For some reason the 90s were a big hit today with my finds. But seeing as we're going to see Sonic Youth in KC....kinda makes sense. Lastly, we made it to the Old Market and walked around. Got some coffee and wrote in their contributors book. Charming the nation we are.

Elizabeth's blogger buddy told us we could stay at a place called "hotel frank" here in omaha so we decided to go over and "check it out". We were intrigued, amazed, and enlightened at their delightful dwellings. Apparently it's not called hotel frank anymore, it's now called "blood bath". We then decided there was no way we were staying here but we were all in for some partying there later. We went to get a drink at Slowdown aka Saddlecreek bar where they were hosting Bingo that night. Not as exciting as i thought this bar might be. Headed over to Brothers for another drink. This spot is my kinda spot. Found some locals. They were all 10 years younger than us for sure. But i gotta say, Omaha has character and i'm into it. Shelley has it all figured out and Kat wants to be her when she grows young. Jesse, thanks for the beers.

We then headed across the street to hang at Hotel Frank and the youngins. They hosted a grand party on the lawn. I'd like to point out a few points of interest about the place tho. Bennett, didn't get to know you too much but we really loved that your cat (aka Michael's Cat) was fascist, the basement was filled with broken bottles, there was fake blood everywhere on the couches and walls, and tons of graffiti in every crevice. Everyone seemed to be curious about us new yorkers and i think they warmed up to us. TRL was a favorite and his Carlton I'd like to give a shout out to Kevin, not the van, for hosting us here. We wanted to say we were down to stay but it just wasn't happening. But thanks for showing us a good time. we're doing a few thrift stores this morning here and then we're off to KC. Very excited for that.

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kflo said...

Hey Jill(?!)....I'm Elizabeth's mysterious blogger friend Kathleen...did you end up finding somewhere to stay?...the bloodbath's rough. Kevin is the one of the dearest soul's I have ever met...I'm glad you got to meet those kids, I hope it all went well?!