Wednesday, July 15, 2009

denver -omaha

We picked up our 4th vagabond in Colorado City, you can see how excited she is to see kevin. We stopped by the Garden of the Gods for a scenic view. Found this beauty of a dad on a segway with his kid. I believe he is flipping me off. Then we drove to Denver to eat and sleep. It seemed like it would never come. Guess what...denver was boring. Although we didn't do much cept eat at a french bistro on bastille day while watching the tour de france. Festive. I threw in a pic of kevin all lit up for ya'll to see.

Thankfully we got a good night's sleep at the La Quinta suites Denver. Apparently Sue at the check-in counter had a ring she wouldn't let anyone touch that was made by a shaman that consisted of her spirit animal (a wolf) with black stones for eyes and a diamond in his mouth. I'm kinda sad i missed that. We got some to-go egg sandwiches in the morning at some random spot and ran into the best lil thing in Denver....NONA. She is an 80yo lady dressed to the nines and boy was she excited to meet us. She talked to us about her lover in Jersey who couldn't perform so she decided she wasn't into it anymore. We decided she was Kat + 50 years. Oh, we also signed kevin up for a chess competition.

In case you were wondering what the drive from Denver to Omaha looks like. It looks like this:


Reeeaaaaallly fun drive. We did manage to stop off in some town for lunch and i had a delicious cabbage pocket for lunch. My driving style today was pretty stellar. Found the comfort zone. We were on our way to Omaha for "Hotel Frank" but we just decided to stay in Lincoln for the night instead. Hotel Frank must wait one more night. Hotel Frank has a myspace page btw. Tomorrow will be interesting.

Popular driving songs include:

*Metallica - Wherever I May Roam
*Rush - Limelight


Saidah said...

Im feeling that there's a breakout star during all of this road trip madness.... Kevin, the illuminated Aerostar!

So psyched for how this road trip is going down. You rule, Radshaw!

Jerry said...

love road trip far yours is better then most!!

Also, love Kevins work phone number, I wonder how many people will catch it

Samantha Pleet said...

wow this trip looks like so much fun, I'm excited to follow you back to New York!