Sunday, July 26, 2009

baltimore - home

Took a nice long 9 hour nap and woke up ready for our last official day of the road trip. Or not ready. We're all very sad. Elizabeth's buddy Scott picked us up for brunch and took us to Golden West. Ate family style full of elvis pancakes, egg quesadilla, and breakfast burrito. Place was too cute not to take pics so here are a few. Including the largest moose head I've ever seen.

Then we tried hitting up the aquarium but it was sold out til 5:30 so we decided to kill time by taking a dragon paddle boat out on the harbor for a bit. It was hot and after about 20 minutes we were ready to get out of the orange life vests so we decided to take a walk.

On our walk we went to a museum but decided not to spend anymore money so we didn't go in. But thankfully there was plenty of artwork outside of the museum for us to see and it made it all the more enjoyable. Too bad we couldn't take this bus out for the ride home. I was into it. Then we decided to sneak in a little thrifting before coming back to the aquarium. We went to Brooklyn in Baltimore and found a few items. Ate some taco bell and then came back. Mmmm. Taco bell just sounded good at this point in our journey.

Ahhhhhhh the aquarium. This place was the shit. The jellyfish exhibit was amazing and I couldn't stop taking photos. We did the dolphin show as well but that was just kinda weird. I took about 100 photos there but here's a few of them that are my personal favorites. Didn't need to overwhelm anyone with my fascination.

Seeing as we're always hungry, it was time for dinner. We went to Obrycki's for some damn good Maryland crabs. I also couldn't pass up ordering clams casino solely based on the fact that the name cracks me up every time i hear it. It wasn't that great unfortunately. But the crabs were amazing. There's something about cracking those babies open with your hands and finding the meat that feels oh so satisfying. Add in the beer and you've got yourself a perfect meal. Check out the pillaging below. Btw those were 4D glasses I stole from the aquarium. Susan says the 4th dimension is time however it turns out that they just splash water in your face. I'm kinda glad we skipped it.

Lastly, on our Baltimore tour, Scott took us to this chick Mary's bday at Fletcher's. She's in Ace of Cakes on tv. Elizabeth was super excited. Mary, however, had a little too much fun before we got there as she was passed out in the corner. I guess if I got shots as a bday cake that would probably happen to me as well. We took a pic of how we felt that night. SAD. We didn't really want our road trip to end. What does one do now? Where do I go from here? If Kevin was still alive, I'd just pick right back up and move on. Life of a vagabond.


We pulled into the Hertz rental car spot at LaGuardia and dumped all our shit out on the ground. Damn we've collected a lot over the past two weeks. We didn't know how to say goodbye after spending 24 hours with each other every day for the past two weeks. I'll miss my crew. Back to New York now and jumping right into it. I'm off to No Ordinary Monkey in the park and Enid's later this evening. That's just the way I roll.

Over and out.


PROVINS said...

Wow that crab dinner is amazing!!
In Denmark we hardly eat crab bc its sooo pricy!!

Jerry said...

What an awsome roadtrip..I looked forward to every post. Thanks for sharing your trip.

white lightning said...

i miss us