Sunday, July 12, 2009


Welcome to the start of a two week long journey!! I'll be updating the blog periodically with stories, photos, what have you while we travel across country in our newly bought 1995 Ford Aerostar we've named Kevin. Or Champagne Thunder. Either or.

First day started in LA where we loaded up the van with goodies. I'd like to point out the sweet "we should hang" shirt i'm wearing courtesy of Bear. I'm hoping it brings us some nice random encounters. So far it's working...Brandon at the Chevron who talks to plastic bags asked us if we had a gun to shoot him in the head. Hope you had a better day Brandon.

Then we did a little stop off in Palm Springs at the Ace hotel for some lunch where we ran into a crew of trucker hats that were definitely on something. We got out of there immediately. I'd like to add that it was the start of the 115 degree weather for us at this point.

We continued our journey to Phoenix where we checked into the Clarendon hotel. A swanky little joint in downtown with a sweet pool we didn't have time to go in. Joel at the front desk helped us find some good eats and drinks in the city. Joel had to have a date with his mexican child vampire Kirsten Dunst so he couldn't join us. First stop....Ethiopian food. Why not try ethiopian food in Tempe AZ for the first time.

From here we went to the Bikini Lounge which has been there for like 40 years. It's on sale if you're interested in buying it. It was a sweet little venue. Dawn behind the counter was filling our drinks with her 'cute but psycho' tshirt. DJ Biggie was our DJ for the evening but we left before he went on. Sorry bigs.

In the morning, we swung by Matt's big breakfast for the best egg sandwich i've ever had. So tasty. The wait wasn't too bad considering it was outside in the heat. I could never live here. But the food is quite tasty.

And we are on the way to Santa Fe. We stopped at Montezuma's castle and saw a beautiful dwelling from back in the day. Why not climb up ladders and live in the rocks. Well this is the first posting guys....many more to come. this was only DAY ONE!!! Here's to hoping we find some good dream catchers and sweet thrifts. adios.

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