Monday, August 31, 2009

hell froze over...

...and i joined twitter. i never thought i would but things have changed. steve was brought to my attention by white lightning on our road trip and then i was hooked. COULD NOT GET ENOUGH. just when you think reality programming has done all it can do, there emerged a real genius posting anonymously somewhere in america about everything his roommate does. seeing as steve has no idea he has being watched, tweetered (twitted? twatted?), and viewed by 832 followers, he is completely free and acts more real than any retard on tv. his roommate is on it and knows just what us readers wants. as well as great nicknames such as burrito girl, slutty tina, sweaty rick, and aggro tony. WHERE AND WHO ARE YOU. who cares really. i'd rather keep the wizard of oz effect going. so anyways, yeah i joined twitter. SO WHAT. maybe you will too now. and now a word from our sponsor....


(aka mon twits)

non grizzly

it's a beautiful day in bk....the birds are chirping, cool breeze, sun out. i'm finally in my new place and it's awesome. going to see grizzly bear in the park for free even tho i knew it would be a shit-show. i thought that richolas nichols could be my key as he was on the list, being their roomie and all. but no, we came too late. "i don't care if you know obama you're not getting in". so we left to drink beers on his roof instead. watched the sunset and listened from above. was just as good. later we find out that beyonce and jay-z came and got in right after our buds. apparently it does matter if you know obama ;) oh well. lastly, i got a rummmmmmmrunner at surf bar with way too much sugar but it was tasty. and it came in boobs.

Monday, August 24, 2009

everyday's like sunday

a few years ago i stumbled into this mecca of a party in the hamptons and i'm so glad it's back again for a repeat! Alex and Nick of Holy Ghost! dj'd as well as a few other people i didn't know. Alex's friend James' parents own this beauty of a house and he likes to throw away money by busing people in, feeding them with catered food, and giving them pink champagne all day. i wanted in. but i drove with eric and evie instead. here are some photos of the day. it starts out semi-relaxing and turns into MTV cribs vs. the grind. i had a blast.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

circa this sat+sun

HOLD THE PRESS!! this weekend Circa Now, that cute lil vintage spot in the e village, is hosting a sidewalk sale with tons of shit for real cheap. SOUNDS LIKE A MUST SEE!!! they've got skirts, dresses, vintage bathing suits, jumpsuits, jewelry, shoes, boots, know the rest. After my month long thrift spree it's hard to resist finding cheap scores. see you there!

saturday+sunday (aug 22/23) 12-7pm
238 E. 6th st.
between 2nd ave and bowery

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

new viva playlist

some of you know, some of you may not know but i do a radio show on viva radio every week. well every week is a stretch but i try to upload one every other week. you can go online and listen anytime tho. VIVA RADIO. click the link and hit up 'jill bradshaw' under contributors. they have a bunch of past playlists up as well. anyways, here's the latest for you to see...

1. Combi - We Gotta High Together
2. A Mountain of One - Bones (Way of the Ancients Remix)
3. Studio - Self Service
4. Roxy Music - Pyjamarama
5. Grace Jones - She's Lost Control
6. Antena - Spiral Staircase
7. The Velvet Underground - I Can't Stand it
8. Deerhunter - Circulation
9. Beck - Jack-Ass
10. Cass McCombs - Not The Way
11. Blur - This is a Low
12. The Sea and Cake - I Missed the Glance
13. Air - Dead Bodies

Monday, August 17, 2009

avalon dreams

after i recovered from my levee hangover, i jumped on a train down to Atlantic City with my lady Olivia to meet up with the Avalon posse (aka Nikki & baby sawyer + ternosky family). back to AC again for my bday. ahhhh The Chelsea is in sights. memories. next day we woke up and had a nice bike ride for breakfast then hit the beach. sawyer is the man and he is already attracting the ladies far and wide. Later we decided to hit the Princeton to pick up some hot jersey dudes with tribal tattoos. Got wasted and listened to the 50yo DJ that played freestyle. Went to circle pizza with Campo and Carrie and then biked drunk home. Solid evening for my actual bday night.

next day was the Brendan Boreck surf contest, raising money for their Cancer foundation. no waves but Pubes was on the mic and he entertained the crowd. they had a sweet memorial service in the ocean for a friend that recently died. strong community here in Avalon. i'm digging it. who knew the jersey shore could be so awesome.

ok next stop.....BEEF AND BEER. apparently this event usually gets a little rowdy but the 'all you can drink pitchers' weren't in effect this time around. so midway mr. T decided to get a keg for the garage back at home and invite everyone over. meanwhile we ate and listened to the 'rocktologists' play some sweet cover tunes. back at the house....A RAGER ENSUED. beer pong, lady keg stands, noise violations, midnight bike rides down the beach, skinny dipping, the works. i was questioning whether i turned 31 or 21 this year. either way, i was in heaven. if you're ever in avalon new gotta look up the ternosky's. they are one hell of a family. mr. T you rule!

here's sawyer counting up the money we raised for the noise violation. man i'm gonna miss that kid. penny drove us to the train station in atlantic city and we were back on our way to penn station. avalon i miss you already. big shout outs to nikki + olivia (my homegirls), mr. T + penny, pubes, frank + carrie, jolene, pat, and the rest of the crew. xoxo

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the levee broke

i said mellow right? yeah that didn't happen. my bday started out sane and took a turn for the insane. i blame max wowch and my robodog birthday present. at least we lasted a while before we got KICKED OUT OF THE FUCKING LEVEE. didn't think that could happen right? yeah well try lighting fireworks inside. i wanna thank everyone who came out. was truly a momentous occasion. i have a ton of pics, here are a few of my favorites. jason, your beer necklace was the hit of the night. sai, your new name is seriously pie-idah. i kinda sorta remember all these pictures, but maybe it was all the SHOTS i had that made things foggy. i do remember coming home to a broken door however. climax of the evening was definitely getting thrown out of the levee tho. what a way to go out...out like a sucka.