Monday, August 17, 2009

avalon dreams

after i recovered from my levee hangover, i jumped on a train down to Atlantic City with my lady Olivia to meet up with the Avalon posse (aka Nikki & baby sawyer + ternosky family). back to AC again for my bday. ahhhh The Chelsea is in sights. memories. next day we woke up and had a nice bike ride for breakfast then hit the beach. sawyer is the man and he is already attracting the ladies far and wide. Later we decided to hit the Princeton to pick up some hot jersey dudes with tribal tattoos. Got wasted and listened to the 50yo DJ that played freestyle. Went to circle pizza with Campo and Carrie and then biked drunk home. Solid evening for my actual bday night.

next day was the Brendan Boreck surf contest, raising money for their Cancer foundation. no waves but Pubes was on the mic and he entertained the crowd. they had a sweet memorial service in the ocean for a friend that recently died. strong community here in Avalon. i'm digging it. who knew the jersey shore could be so awesome.

ok next stop.....BEEF AND BEER. apparently this event usually gets a little rowdy but the 'all you can drink pitchers' weren't in effect this time around. so midway mr. T decided to get a keg for the garage back at home and invite everyone over. meanwhile we ate and listened to the 'rocktologists' play some sweet cover tunes. back at the house....A RAGER ENSUED. beer pong, lady keg stands, noise violations, midnight bike rides down the beach, skinny dipping, the works. i was questioning whether i turned 31 or 21 this year. either way, i was in heaven. if you're ever in avalon new gotta look up the ternosky's. they are one hell of a family. mr. T you rule!

here's sawyer counting up the money we raised for the noise violation. man i'm gonna miss that kid. penny drove us to the train station in atlantic city and we were back on our way to penn station. avalon i miss you already. big shout outs to nikki + olivia (my homegirls), mr. T + penny, pubes, frank + carrie, jolene, pat, and the rest of the crew. xoxo

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