Monday, August 3, 2009

wedding weekend

Had a weekend of weddings here in nyc. First up, TNT aka Toni and Tommy. I was a bridesmaid in this one. Toni and I started I Heart together and I was more than excited to be apart of her wedding. She looked gorgeous! I'm in love with this birdcage look. Especially since my new thing is little hats. Ceremony and reception took place at The Lighthouse on the piers. The sun came out right in time for sunset and it was beautiful for pics, but of course i didn't get any cuz i was in them. We danced, we drank, we had a great time. The pics show it all. I was seated at the Quiet Riot table and we were anything but quiet. We also made friends with the flower girl. She was amazing. Future heartbreaker that one. Note the TNT shirts we had made for the wedding. Too cute.

p.s. my friends are retarded

WEDDING #2!: one of my best dude friends, Alec, got married to Skye in Italy a month back but since it was Europe in the summertime....I could not go. But they had a very nice reception last night in the middle of nowhere Queens. But first, the cab ride. Luisa picked us up at Nick's place and little did we know we were in for a karaoke ride of our life! Miss Pamela Love and I sang our hearts out. It was great, I highly recommend her from Northside every time. Then we arrived at a beautiful farm with a barn where we saw some cows and cocks. I got to wear my Nashville outfit with lil hat again so I was excited. Check out Alec's sweet tux outfit with no socks. Skye wore a beautiful Zac Posen dress. Again, we danced and drank. Heard some interesting speeches. Then we called up our girl and sang our way home. It was a very lovely evening.

Skye and Alec collectively do Dossier magazine. Check it out if you haven't already.

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