Wednesday, August 5, 2009


so another year another birthday. this time around i'm choosing to do something on a smaller scale compared to my past bdays. here is a rundown on a few of the last ones:

1. 30th bonanza bus ride to Atlantic City with party in hotel for 40 of my closest friends

2. group car ride to water park at Mountain Creek

3. party bus to philly and back for an evening

but alas I am over 30 now. time to relax and chill right? nah. might as well go to a dirty bar in my soon to be new neighborhood. i'm in brooklyn practically every day anyways, why not just live there. so i asked my pal Max Wowch to make me a flyer and here is what he came back with. NO, IT IS NOT ME. WITH A CANDLE UP ME BUM. i know that may be a bummer to some of you. Can't say it doesn't creep me out just a tad. But i find the humor in it to supersede the oddity. anyhow, the point is....come to the levee to celebrate my bday! no djs, no fancy stuff, just cheap beer. Be there or be lame.

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