Sunday, August 9, 2009

ps1 - lovefingers

so i'm a little obsessed with the tiny hat situation. i went on ebay and got a lot of 9 vintage hats. here was my look of the day paired with a Samantha Pleet jumper. note my velvet painting score in the background. i'm running out of room here. cosmo is already ready for the move to brooklyn. only 3 weeks left!

on to ps1. first time this summer and gotta say...was NOT into the installation. "urban shelter" was more like hot sweaty chewbacca chimneys. i don't want to see fur in the summertime. especially when mist is being sprayed on them. anyways, my pal andrew aka lovefingers was djing yesterday so he invited us to come drink some free beer under a tent. WHY NOT. i got distracted for a minute by the Fred Flinstone party going on over on the roof. the thought of taking a photo of them grossed me out but i felt their story needed to be told. now you can puke in your mouth as well. those stupid dinosaurs decided to make an appearance on the dance floor for a minute. ok next topic. say hi to my friends sai, jackie, and justin miller.

5 beers later i had to take a disco nap but then we picked up gordon hull and he dove in the car duke's of hazard style so that perked me up. somehow ended up at legion bar with james murphy and lovefingers til 4am while we listened to such songs as "gettin jiggy wit it" and "slam" by onyx. i felt it was very ironic.

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trudatnyc said...

so THAT'S why i saw an entire troupe of scantily clad furry people at the TBD beer garden later that evening. it's all coming together now.

and i totes agree with you on the installation. it should be titled ".. and a mammoth grows in brooklyn"