Monday, August 31, 2009

non grizzly

it's a beautiful day in bk....the birds are chirping, cool breeze, sun out. i'm finally in my new place and it's awesome. going to see grizzly bear in the park for free even tho i knew it would be a shit-show. i thought that richolas nichols could be my key as he was on the list, being their roomie and all. but no, we came too late. "i don't care if you know obama you're not getting in". so we left to drink beers on his roof instead. watched the sunset and listened from above. was just as good. later we find out that beyonce and jay-z came and got in right after our buds. apparently it does matter if you know obama ;) oh well. lastly, i got a rummmmmmmrunner at surf bar with way too much sugar but it was tasty. and it came in boobs.

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