Thursday, August 13, 2009

the levee broke

i said mellow right? yeah that didn't happen. my bday started out sane and took a turn for the insane. i blame max wowch and my robodog birthday present. at least we lasted a while before we got KICKED OUT OF THE FUCKING LEVEE. didn't think that could happen right? yeah well try lighting fireworks inside. i wanna thank everyone who came out. was truly a momentous occasion. i have a ton of pics, here are a few of my favorites. jason, your beer necklace was the hit of the night. sai, your new name is seriously pie-idah. i kinda sorta remember all these pictures, but maybe it was all the SHOTS i had that made things foggy. i do remember coming home to a broken door however. climax of the evening was definitely getting thrown out of the levee tho. what a way to go out...out like a sucka.

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