Friday, May 28, 2010


it's about time for a food entry i think. a few things have inspired me lately and i feel the need to share.

1. for anyone who lives off the graham stop, have you had a sandwich from the Graham ave meat & deli? you know...the one near daddy's? a friend had recommended it to me and oddly it was the last spot in the area i had tried for a hoagie. and it was DA BOMB. not to mention dude (possibly willie? as i got the willie's special) is pretty killer himself. anyways....check out the photo then go get yourself a sammy.

2. CARNITAS. i decided to put together some sort of pulled pork tacos for the Lost finale last week and i put a few recipes together to create the ultimate carnitas recipe. it was so easy and FUCKING DELICIOUS. figured i might as well divulge my secrets so you too can enjoy.

- buy yourself a nice chunk of pork shoulder
- cut the pork into little 2 inch chunks and put in a bowl
- marinate the pork overnight in the juice of one orange, large slices of orange rind, a small onion cut 8 ways + a bay leaf, some thyme, salt and pepper

- next day, make yourself a rub in the food processor that consists of the ingredients from this recipe off bon appetit: carnitas. i didn't use the achiote and felt it was fine without it. i also took out the orange juice factor in this recipe cuz of the marination.
- add pork + rub to a cooking pan
- cook for 3.5 hours covered with foil in the oven at 300 degrees

- BOOYA! damn good carnitas tacos. i also made a tomatillo sauce and pickled onions to add in with fresh tortillas and crema. extra addition......PINEAPPLE.

there now go out and EAT SOME FOOD!!

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