Monday, May 10, 2010

phoenicia is a mystery

so we drove up to Phoenicia saturday in search of some good tchotchkes...and just to get out of town for a day. there was this mystery spot that we wanted to check out.

but first we got some pancakes from sweet sue's. and boy were they delicious! we tried the 'blue monkey'. it made a delicious dessert later as well.

then on to the thrifting. lots of good finds at this place. slightly over-priced but definitely worth checking out. plus they had petey the piranha and a cookie instead of veronica lake's ashes!!

but that wasn't all. we managed to continue to find utter weirdness everywhere we went. if you search real hard you can find shops that carry both these dandy collections. and a sweet poster as well.

thanks phoenicia/woodstock/saugerties!!!

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Lecon de vetement said...

Wow what an amazing vintage store! I wish I could check it out!