Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my version of fashion week

So as much as i love fashion, i hate fashion week. seems like a mismatch but no can do with the hoity toity business of going to shows and shmoozing at parties. not my style. so my version of fashion week this season was to do the bk flea market on the weekend. yeah! Saturday was a little rainy but we still managed to have a good turnout. Sunday was the record fair + vintage bazaaaaaar. Louise and I held it down both days while Nick was in it for just Sunday. This was our first flea experience and we were learning the ways. Apparently the ways means buying from another vendor and then marking it up in your booth. Happened twice to Louise! Marc Jacobs boots one day, Michael Jackson Thriller shirt the next. We had someone ask how much the MJ shirt was and it was $250!!! Louise sold it for $65! wtf. oh well i guess.

watch out cuz we're gonna do this again!!! really really good stuff at our booth. gonna make it even better for next time.

i did however manage to slip in a little fashion. My friend Aya Kanai styled the Bensoni show and asked me to do the music so of course i said yes. They wanted upbeat girly bands so that's what i gave em! Went well besides the hangover i had. oof.

anyways, here's some photos from all the events....

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