Tuesday, September 8, 2009

make time for philly

drove down to philly on sunday for the pool party extravaganza with my roomie julie and buddies carlos and jonathan. had a delicious cheesesteak + gremlin while watching naked bikers ride down south street then headed over to the bamboo bar for some drinking + dancing. woah. bamboo bar. this place on the reg is cheeseball central but for this party it totally worked. got to see some old friends....julian, adam sparkles, mike z, and of course the ever awesome dave p. !!! played a sweet set. nic was bombarded onstage by dancing women trying to get his attention. then he jumped in the pool afterwards and gave us a hug. i thought it was sweat, but was happily surprised it was not. here are some live action shots.

after the festivities, we headed to jonathan's mom's house in the woods. think ice storm. shit was real. can't say it wasn't nice to wake up to trees. jonathan found his old stash of star wars memorabilia. CHORUS LINE. then we packed up to leave. had some brunch then went to my favorite thrift store in philly....retrospect. shit is never picked through there. found an awesome long sleeved knit sweater with holes + a sequined number i'll be busting out this fashion week. julie found a gem with the $18 christian dior suit. how'd i miss that??? thankfully she is my roomie and i can BORROW THAT. aw philly i do miss you, maybe i'll see you again soon. xoxo

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lovefingers said...

geno's or pats. whiz or provie. that house, whoa shit niiice!