Monday, March 1, 2010

London Fashion Week

London didn't really pull through for me this season on the shows. there were a lot that i'm not even showing b/c i couldn't pick 3 looks i liked enough. what happened to london??? they used to be one of my favorites. always having fun with fashion. i gotta say i was not that impressed. however there are a few highlights.

two favorites: HOLLY FULTON and LOUISE GRAY. both had a lot of color and are very playful. somewhat rave style but i like it. not that neu rave bullshit that was out a few years ago (and how house of holland still is) but something that brings it closer to real fashion. i'm into brands that draw on inspiration but aren't trying to be trendy.

BURBERRY is always nice. the jackets are my favorite. more fur on that end. lots of fur this season. i'm personally very into SHERPA. more things should have sherpa in it. RICHARD NICOLL also looked great this season. not only is there velvet but that blue color is pretty killer.

i like the shapes and color palette in VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. and ELEY KISHIMOTO always wins in the prints/60s category. CHRISTOPHER KANE barely made it on here. little too much leather lace and floral. oh i forgot to mention MATTHEW WILLIAMSON. nice but not fantastic.

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