Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cooking with k-rafty

my good friend kara (aka k-rafty) came over last night for some cooking + lost. she always brings something delicious to the table and she's one of those gals that doesn't need to look at a recipe to cook something. she just goes with it. i wish i could be like that!

so here was the menu:

- seared duck w/ a pear reduction sauce
- homemade ricotta over polenta cakes
- arugula salad w/ grapefruit + avocado
- lots of wine

everything was relatively easy to make which was why it was amazing we managed to fuck up the ricotta. we added the vinegar too late. but it's so easy i wanna try again! use whole pasteurized (not ultra) milk and warm it up on the stove. add 1 tbsp of white vinegar to each cup of milk you use. once it starts curdling transfer the curds to cheesecloth and let it drain. add salt and you're done!

and while we waited for the "others" to come over to watch Lost i put kara to work as her crafty self and she made a few collages. i think i might make everyone who comes over make a collage!

oh and Lost was finally good this week. THANK GOD.

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