Tuesday, December 1, 2009

gearing up for the holidaze

so much to talk about this week. first we have NOM on friday night and then we have a special holiday sale on sunday! my good friend jess rotter has put together a group of hot ladies (+ a few dudes) to bring forth their collections of vintage and/or their own beautifully designed pieces.

and the best part is that it's at the new kemado/mexican summer storefront! open just in time for us. come check the space out and come check out same amazing holiday deals. plus it's just going to be a damn good time.

sunday dec 6th
co-op 87 storefront
87 guernsey street
(between nassau + norman)

highlights being sold:
* MINI DREAMCATCHERS from spokevisuals
* signed copies of PETER BESTE'S prints + True Norweigan Black Metal Book
* amazing VINTAGE finds from yours truly, louise sturges, pam love, and alison lewis
* special DIRTY LIBRARIAN CHAINS jewelry
* also just added....CHEEK-IE jewlery as well!
* plus so much more!!!!!

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