Monday, December 14, 2009

ear candy

while i visited the Holirave sale at my fav guitarists house, sarah kuhn, i was tempted in a few directions. One....MOMBUCHA. My good friend Rich, aka Richie Balls (real estate broker extraordinaire/performance artist/halloween perfectionist), now makes kombucha for the masses. it nursed me back from my horrifying hangover. it has special powers. i urge you all to get on the booch train.

Two.....THE MOST AMAZING EAR CANDY!!! Sarah had been rocking these for a bit and i admired from afar but after seeing them at this sale i knew i couldn't leave without one. low and behold, IT WAS MINE. Rochelle Goldberg of Ralph + Duchess makes these beauties. i love it!!! i'll probably be rocking these for awhile. go out and get yourself one too.

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Anonymous said...

hi! do you know where i can find this earring in nyc? thnx!