Saturday, October 24, 2009

cmj madness

i'm not a huge fan of cmj in general because everyone and their mother is usually trying to see the same 5 bands during the week and it just makes the whole experience less than exciting. however i did my best and managed to see a few things in decent environments.

first up was broadcast with atlas sound. broadcast was less than stellar giving a noise/experimental performance rather than playing songs. it wasn't bad, just wasn't what people expected. ok it was kinda boring. atlas sound was great tho. last time i saw him it was just him and a drum machine so this was a treat to see him with a full band. for everyone who stayed to watch them, they got a good show. bradford was killing it with banter and even gave a solo encore performance with the lights on where we got to see a little of his creative process. i enjoyed it.

from there on i didn't take any photos. sorry but nothing was really that exciting that it required photos. but here's a recap on what i saw and liked. the xx. REALLY AMAZING. i jumped on the iTunes bandwagon and saw them at the apple store. seeing as every other show was sold out this was a great venue to see them at. sounded amazing and got a great view. highly recommend checking them out if you can. saw cold cave last night at matador showcase. they were good but so much was going on i had to move around. caught the acrylics at terrible records showcase, but has to miss blood orange who i heard was pretty good. missed neon indian which i was sad about. next time.

tonight i dj in between bands at coco66. my best fiend and bear in heaven are playing. wanting to check both of them out again so this works out for me. swing through for some jams and good times if you're in the hood. me and j montag will be holding it down.

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