Tuesday, October 20, 2009

cmj kickoff

and so it has begun. cmj mania. first show on roster was Washed Out w/ Restless People at Santos last night. Anyone who reads my blog knows i've been obsessed with the Washed Out album(s) so that was a no brainer. however i figured it would just be him and a computer singing. guess what i was correct. he started out playing some shit live w/ another dude and singing but it was slow and not what the people wanted. then he broke it down and got into it. however it was just that, him singing along to the mp3. still a good album.

restless people was good too. same people as tanlines, etc. it was their first show of many this week. sounded tight, good energy. dancey and tribal. and they use the funkmaster flex horn in a song. great choice guys.

anyways, here's a photo. + an added bonus of the tie dye empire state building. dead heads unite.

cmj agenda this week includes: broadcast, neon indian, cold cave, my best fiend, bear in heaven, and who knows what else i squeeze in.

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