Monday, November 17, 2008

10" of Fear by JD Twitch for RVNG

The RVNG kids have done it again!!!  JD Twitch of Optimo fame has created a power punch of punk for you guys.  First, you get a 10" of edits from 4 amazing tracks from the Crass Records catalog (10" of Fear.)

side a
a1. Flux of Pink Indians - Tube Disasters
a2. Honey Bane - Guilty
side b
b1. Zounds - War
b2. The Mob - Witch Hunt

Then, you also get the 60 Minutes of Fear CD which contains 22 
classic and obscure punk songs selected by Twitch.  It's seriously a package you can't miss out on.  Especially for the avid punk fan.  And all for $12!!!!

*sorry guys i'm all out of the red vinyl!!!!!  basic black will have to do.

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