Thursday, September 9, 2010

labor day = fun day

i didn't want to admit that summer was over. it's still warm! we can still have fun!! but after this past weekend i think i have laid summer to rest and am welcoming fall to a new location in my heart.

let's go back to last wed when i received a text from Gordon Hull asking me if i wanted to join in his bday road trip to DC for 24 hours to visit museums for the day. hmmmm, lemme think, crap crap i have shit to do, but YESSSS! count me in.

so in the car we went. gordon, brian.....and me. three amigos. we got into DC late, passed out, and awoke ready for a day of art. we hit up the alan ginsberg exhibit, then edvard munch, then rothko, then lunch at the american indian museum (yumm), then yves klein (truly inspiring), and finally the air+space museum. don't think they've changed that exhibit since the 80s, no joke. whirlwind journey! but so worth it.

then.......we move on to the next stage of craziness. a trip upstate to jon santos' house where 50+ people have decided to camp out on his lawn and join in the fun at the rave barn down the road. that's right, a RAVE in a BARN. we danced for hours and took breaks by the bonfire. then passed out to the noise of wind through the trees. ahhhhhh. the following day we chilled hard core. i mean i did absolutely nothing for about 6 hours. it was great.

i love being a hippie at heart.

and here is where the weekend took yet ANOTHER unexpected turn. i thought i was going home that day....BUT NO. it was gordon's bday and he invited us to his folks home in warwick, just 30 min away. WE'RE IN! so a few of us ran off to the mystical world of the Hulls. we got ice cream and then went to the drive-in movie theatre and watched Machete under the stars. then came back to the homefront and went apple picking on their orchard at midnight while finding shooting stars.

woke up the next morning to the smell of blueberry pancakes being made by gordie's mom. delish let me tell ya. then we moved on to the park where we ate sandwiches, swung on the swings, and then played petanque. i sucked. more ice cream stop. then it's swim time! follow that up with more food and that's pretty much my day. oof!

oh yeah and then back in nyc i went to j penry's bbq late night style and was greeted with a bb gun where i shot at a modelo and then shotgunned it. i'm a great shot.


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