Tuesday, August 24, 2010

birthday went something like this...

so yeah i had a birthday last week. it was kinda nuts? i told you it would be. we came back from Wassaic music festival and played another show at Union Pool that day with Psychobuildings, Jailbait, Mike Bones, and a secret band.....!!! not only am i that excited but that's the band! !!! played! (chk chk chk to the rest of ya'll). i mean....how can you not be stoked for that. best bday ever. oh and a giant strawberry rolled by on the BQE? truly a special day.

from wassaic to union pool..

oh yeah and my friends made tshirts cuz they rule harder than any other. tshirt, burger, and a shot....best present ever?

then we moved to the palace, the best kept secret in greenpoint. just happens to be a metal bar w/ pretty rad brothers running the bar who like to dole out free shots. not to mention the beer is $1.50. shit, i shouldn't even be telling you this. don't go there.

excuse me i'm all fucked up

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