Wednesday, February 17, 2010

viva la 70s

my obsession with vintage magazines continues and now i have been turned onto VIVA MAGAZINE. i was researching for an upcoming photoshoot for my new zine (details to be revealed) and my friend gave me a pile of these mags to look at. they are amazing!!!

who knew there was a mag in the 70s that had RAD photos of nudes + fashion spreads with great photographers that were classy and beautiful. truly truly inspired. too many mags go for the shock value of tits+ass and never just keep it classy. what happened to art?

here are a few spreads that got me (ahem) excited...

zandra rhodes shoot

a few nude spreads

disco motos

sexy sepia

*you must excuse the quality as my scanner wasn't working right. however i kinda like the photo image anyways.

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