Saturday, January 30, 2010

don't make em like they used to

today was arts and crafts day again. sarah kuhn (from me band) came over to cut up some more Life mags and make some cool art. can i have every saturday be like this? we made some pretty cool things. i feel i need to keep going with these. i might make one big one on this empty canvas i've got sitting here eyeing me slowly. that'll be a big undertaking.

anyways, for now here are some photos to show you what we did. love love love.

also found this beauty on my camera. i ran out of juice one night and all i got was this pic. pretty good tho.

and while we're on the topic of max wowch. i feel the need to share a little genius he threw my way the other day. how he finds these things i don't know but i ain't gonna complain. keep em coming max.

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