Monday, November 30, 2009

NOM at tandem

this friday no ordinary monkey is moving to its new location... in bushwick! we all loved chinatown but that stage of our lives is over now. TO BROOKLYN! with a kick ass sound system and more good dance times to enjoy.

see you there!

fri, dec 4th
236 troutman st.

$5 non members
members free

Saturday, November 28, 2009

spanksgiving 09

so i decided to host thanksgiving at my house this year. first time for everything. no way i was taking care of the bird tho. luckily sidra wanted that task...and she ran with it. first time turkey for her and it was amazing! we had so much food it was insane but one of the best thanksgivings i've had here in the city. it's my favorite nyc tradition each year. friends = family. thanks to max for carving the turkey and providing the tunes. big xo to everyone who came over and joined me in drinking for 12 hours. oh and cosmo for being especially awesome.

Monday, November 23, 2009

la la la

new viva playlist up today. little old vs new. special mention to the John Carpenter song. went to Kemado/Mexican Summer records the other day and got some sweet ass vinyl (thanks jess, you're the best) and i discovered a gem in the mix. The John Carpenter 7" was really amazing. I put one of them in here today. Who knows, the other one might show up next week. anyways, here's some pre-thanksgiving tunes for ya'll. viva-radio mon 2-3 + archives

T.Rex - Rip Off
Love - My Flash On You
Zakary Thaks - Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps
The Yardbirds - Shape of Things
Zombies - Beechwood Park
The Shangri-Las - Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Here Comes Alice
The Clean - Anything Could Happen
The Orchids - Dirty Clothing
Rangers - These Things
John Carpenter - Haunt My Home
Spacemen 3 - Take Me To the Other Side
The Fall - Pat-Trip Dispenser
Love and Rockets - Lucifer Sam
Sonic Youth - (I Got A)Catholic Block
Sebadoh - Homemade
Sunny Day Real Estate - In Circles

Friday, November 20, 2009

my dream dreamcatcher

so a few months ago when i went to pam love's fashion presentation i was in awe of this beautiful dreamcatcher that was made for her installation. luckily i met the amazing designers and they agreed to make me my own personal dream DREAMCATCHER!


so here it full glory, now hanging above my bed. and she's taking orders! if you want your own personal dreamcatcher, feel free to contact them. you can find their work on their website spokevisuals.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

guzzle guzzle

hey guys..

your pal jill here with some fun news. who's staying in nyc for thanksgiving?? i have a special treat for you. the night BEFORE thanksgiving i'll be playing records in the back room of Union Pool!! it's sure to be a rip roaring good time as i picked my buddy ol pal BRIAN QUINN to dj with me. together we make a dynamic duo of punk, hardcore, post punk, bad hip hop, and more!! so make sure to write this down. see you wed!!

if you don't know where it is you probably shouldn't come
wednesday, NOV 25th
*back room*

Monday, November 16, 2009

penry pets

hello fellow pet lovers. if anyone knows me, they know i have a weird but awesome cat that i adore named cosmo. another admirer of cosmo is j penry (who has used cosmo for a few drawings such as the grizzly bear tshirt). j and i have formed a bond over the years discussing pets and obscure bands.

j penry has recently put together a new pet portrait magazine! now you can enjoy his beautiful drawings in your own home...or give them to someone for xmas! perfect gift idea. it's available at his website for $14.99 (+shipping and handling). this is only available for a limited time so order up folks!!! work it out!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bruar falls

open ocean had our 2nd show last friday at bruar falls and it was AMAZING! thank you to everyone who came out and thank you thank you to holy hail for having us! it was so packed, it was over-capacity and people couldn't get in. it was so nice to see all our friends there. can't wait for the next show already!!! we should have some video up soon of the performance. for now here are a few photos by Peter Beste. check back for more show dates soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

black thin lizard

new viva playlist up today. my show's on from 2-3pm on mondays but you can pull up old shows as well. this one was inspired from halloween i suppose. but it's just good jams more than anything. give me an excuse to roll with a hardcore theme and i'm all over it. speaking of which, mark the 25th on your calendars. i'll be DJing the backroom of Union Pool the night before thanksgiving with my boy Brian Quinn. Be prepared to most likely hear at least 5 of these songs.

thin lizzy - angel from the coast
the dictators - two tub man
the stooges - not right
mc5 - i want you right now
black sabbath - tomorrow's dream
big black - bombastic intro
butthole surfers - human cannonball
fugazi - merchandise
jawbreaker - driven
the jesus lizard - then comes dudley
drive like jehu - luau
minutemen - tension
black flag - slip it in
children - power spirit/h.t.h.a.t.e.o.t.w.
public enemy - public enemy no.1

Sunday, November 8, 2009


last night a friend of the immediate DFA family passed away, Jerry Fuchs. it's hard even writing this post but feel that his memory should live on. he was an amazing drummer most recently working with Juan Maclean as well as !!!. he was a friend to many and is remembered for being an all around jovial sweet awesome dude. you will be missed.

Friday, November 6, 2009

test uk

so when my best bud jaime perlman left the states for jolly old england i was pretty sad. but seeing as she became the art director for a magazine you may have heard of....british vogue???....she couldn't really turn that down. ok, fine. LEAVE! thankfully she comes back enough that i'm happy.

this week she was in town launching her new site, which serves as a multimedia platform for artists, photographers, etc. she had a screening of the small films that were made and each one was beautiful and different and had the jaime perlman stamp on it. you should check it out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OPEN OCEAN @ Bruar Falls this Fri, Nov 6th

Come check out my band! It's our second show ever and we're playing with two other radical bands. + it's Holy Hail's record release party so it'll be extra fun times.

we go on first so make sure you get there early!!!

8pm doors
9pm - Open Ocean
10pm - Desert Stars
11pm - Holy Hail

DJ Massimo will be spinning some tunes in between sets

$7 cover
Bruar Falls
245 Grand between Driggs + Roebling

Hope to see you there!!

**oh and if you want to be fans of Open Ocean we're on facebook!! here's the link:

Monday, November 2, 2009

vice halloween

when i found out the lineup of the vice 15 yr anniversary halloween bash i nearly shit my pants. jesus lizard+bad brains+children+open bar?????? HOLYSHITINEEDTOGETTICKETSNOWWWWWWWWWWW. thankfully after almost 8 years of living in this city i have a few buddies over at vice and managed to scrounge up 5 wristbands. THANK GOD.

now onto the costume. seeing as it was 1994 theme, i needed something good. me in 1994 was pretty boring (i was a late bloomer to taste) so i went with Kelly Bundy. not a far cry from my costume last year of 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot' chick but still pretty good.

i took a few pre and post party photos but didn't feel like taking photos inside. i was too busy dancing to Mobb Deep, Dinosaur Jr, and Roni Size (all in one party!!! damn i miss the 90s!!!!). Seriously dancing to drum+bass was slightly elating which is weird seeing as i never thought i wanted to hear d+b again.

oh and JESUS LIZARD WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGG. They are old farts but damn did they put on a good show. blew me away. and blew bad brains away as well. totally boring compared to them. i couldn't stop taking photos of the performance. i HIGHLY recommend going to see them at Irving Plaza on the 16th + 17th. ok no more talking, on to the photos!!


roomie uni + skunk

group shot

jesus lizard

random other shots