Monday, November 2, 2009

vice halloween

when i found out the lineup of the vice 15 yr anniversary halloween bash i nearly shit my pants. jesus lizard+bad brains+children+open bar?????? HOLYSHITINEEDTOGETTICKETSNOWWWWWWWWWWW. thankfully after almost 8 years of living in this city i have a few buddies over at vice and managed to scrounge up 5 wristbands. THANK GOD.

now onto the costume. seeing as it was 1994 theme, i needed something good. me in 1994 was pretty boring (i was a late bloomer to taste) so i went with Kelly Bundy. not a far cry from my costume last year of 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot' chick but still pretty good.

i took a few pre and post party photos but didn't feel like taking photos inside. i was too busy dancing to Mobb Deep, Dinosaur Jr, and Roni Size (all in one party!!! damn i miss the 90s!!!!). Seriously dancing to drum+bass was slightly elating which is weird seeing as i never thought i wanted to hear d+b again.

oh and JESUS LIZARD WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGG. They are old farts but damn did they put on a good show. blew me away. and blew bad brains away as well. totally boring compared to them. i couldn't stop taking photos of the performance. i HIGHLY recommend going to see them at Irving Plaza on the 16th + 17th. ok no more talking, on to the photos!!


roomie uni + skunk

group shot

jesus lizard

random other shots

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