Wednesday, August 6, 2008


You've seen the commercials, you've seen the print ads.  What you haven't seen is how WOWCH has been plagiarized!!!  If you notice, James Franco is wearing an almost identical shirt that Wowch made 3 years ago!!  So in true Wowch style, they made a big deal about it for fun.

Check out the shirts...

Then....gawker picked up on it and things started getting funny. This is just what they wanted.  MASS MEDIA ATTENTION!  and all they want is free popcorn and free tickets to the show.  is that too much to ask??  Click GAWKER to see the action.  

And can get your own Wowch/Pineapple Express shirt now!!  Act fast!!  Order quick!!  Be the first on your block to own your very own Judd Apatow plagiarist shirt!

p.s. on a side note we'd like to propose the 'separated at birth' defense between Matt 'Wowch' Shankman and Judd Apatow.  Maybe there is more to this story than we know.

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